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The Busy Box
The Busy Box
The Busy Box

The Busy Box

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Almost all parents constantly have a problem with their kids and gadgets. And that is also a common dilemma that all parents face in this day and age. When gadgets are overpowering the kids' desires for toys and conventional games.
And here at The Beaded Bub, we always look for ways to help out parents in their daily problems by providing them with solutions that could ease their daily lives as parents.
So, to provide a solution to your kid's gadget obsession, we give you The Beaded Bub Busy Box! A collection of things that your child can be busy with all rolled into one box!

The Busy Box includes the following:

-6 colours of modelling clay
-2 animal figurines
-2 pack of sticker
-Gems and accessories
-2 shells
-2 sets of eyes
-1 Lego person

Keep your child away from boredom without the use of gadgets with Beaded Bub's busy box!

Get two or more The Busy Box and get almost 23% off!

Safety Precaution

-Potential Choking Hazard
-Items inside The Busy Box might be a possible choking hazard to children. Make sure that they are not left unsupervised when playing.

-Potential Toxic Hazard
-items in The Busy Box could be toxic when ingested. Make sure to always keep your children from putting anything inside their mouths. If the event that anything is ingested, contact your health provider immediately.