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Small Bean Shaped Dark Cognac with Lapis Lazuli Necklace
Small Bean Shaped Dark Cognac with Lapis Lazuli Necklace

Small Bean Shaped Dark Cognac with Lapis Lazuli Necklace

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Small Bean Shaped Dark Cognac with Lapis Lazuli Necklace 


All mums want nothing but the best that the world has to offer for their little one. Here at Beaded Bub, we take a natural and holistic approach to caring for your bubs.

Our products are all made from natural Baltic Amber and Hazelwood beads, both of which have excellent healing properties and therapeutic effects on the body. Amber and Hazelwood are widely used to alleviate teething pain and treat skin problems for newborns and babies.

Baltic Amber is an ancient tree resin fossilized by time, more than 50 million years ago. It is used since ancient times by many cultures and places worldwide as a decorative, healing, and energetic stone. It is the highest proportion of succinic Acid found in nature. Succinic Acid can help prevent colds, relieves colicky babies, and lessen pain from many illnesses with its analgesic properties.

Natural healing properties of Amber and Hazelwood

-Hazelwood and Amber have antiseptic properties that make them an effective remedy for rashes and eczema.
-Baltic Amber and Hazelwood soothe teething pain, drooling, and fever.
- It relieves infants from emptying problems and abdominal pain.
– High anti-inflammatory properties.
– Normalizes the balance of acids in the body.
– Has a positive effect on ulcers and acid reflux.
– Reduces joint, back, bruises, and throat pain.
– Treats circulatory and digestive disorders.
– Helps to alleviate migraine symptoms.
– Food for the soul
– Baltic Amber helps to balance the body and mind.
– Absorbs negative energy and helps to overcome stress and anxiety.
– It helps to reduce fatigue.
– Increases concentration.
– It has calming properties.

All our items are handmade, double-knotted for safety, stylish and beautiful, and can be worn every day.