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Large Bean-Shaped Cherry Amber with Fluorite Gemstone
Large Bean-Shaped Cherry Amber with Fluorite Gemstone

Large Bean-Shaped Cherry Amber with Fluorite Gemstone

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Large Bean-Shaped Cherry Amber with Fluorite Gemstone

33cm- To fit 4 months to 3 years 

Beautiful, Different, or unique. That's what comes to mind when we think of Baltic Amber.

Baltic Amber is an ancient tree resin fossilized by time, more than 50 million years ago. It is used since ancient times by many cultures and places worldwide. Used as a decorative stone for beauty but also utilised for its wonderful benefits. We also include semi-precious stones in our creations.

It is said that different semi-precious stones affect the body and soul in different ways. And while we cannot make claims to their effects, we welcome you to self educate and choose which semi-precious stones are most beneficial for you and your family.

The Beaded Bub sources its amber from Poland's best, and every purchase comes with a certificate of Authenticity. Our products are all genuine, certified Natural Baltic Amber. Every item comes from an insured, reputable company. So you can be sure that all your purchases are legitimate.

Safety instructions and the warranty card are included in every amber purchase. We also make our products individually knotted with a screw clasp to ensure safety upon use.


Sending our piece as a gift? We could also do that for you. We can pack and send completely wrapped to a destination of your choice. Choose this option in the checkout section. 

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