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Amber Necklace for Teething Babies

Isn’t it frustrating and disheartening to see your baby cry because of the pain that he/she feels? Especially when it is your first time to have a baby.

A crying baby can be caused by a lot of things, it can be caused by hunger, satiety, sleep deprivation, hot or cold surroundings, tight clothes, dirty nappy, and the worst is pain or sickness. One of the most common causes of pain for babies is teething. Teething is a natural process for your baby when the teeth are starting to grow out or erupt from the gums. They usually start teething in the first 6 months and continue until the baby is 2 years old. Then the molars start to grow. 

Crying Baby In Pain

Teething in babies can be very uncomfortable as it can cause fever due to the pain in the gum area. 

Other symptoms of a teething baby may include:

  • Facial Rashes - Facial rashes can be caused by excessive drooling because of the constant contact of the saliva to the skin.
  • Heavy Drooling - Teething causes heavy drooling for babies to lubricate the gums and reduce the pain. 
  • Finger Chewing or Gum Rubbing - When teething, the most common actions for babies to ease the pain is to rub its gums and chew its fingers. Always do keep in mind to check if the baby’s hands are clean to avoid bacteria or germs.
  • Cheek Rubbing and Ear Pulling - One of the common actions of a baby when teething is pulling its ears or rubbing its cheeks, this is because of the pain that may spread to the ears and cheeks. 
  • Irritability - A baby feels discomfort while teething because of the pain and soreness of the gums. This is caused by the teeth erupting from the gums, Therefore this leads to crying and irritability.
  • Loss of Appetite - Because of the uncomfortable feeling of teething, a baby’s appetite changes due to the pain and irritation.
  • Common Colds - Some babies have common cold-like symptoms because of teething, this is a result of the baby’s body attempting to reduce the pain and irritation of teething.
  • Loss of Sleep - Teething causes lack of sleep due to the discomfort to the baby, especially during its first few days when the teeth are breaking through the gums. 

Drooling Baby

Luckily, modern remedies and even home remedies for teething can help maintain the baby's pain from teething. These remedies include dummies, chamomile tea, wooden spoon or spatula, icy poles, frozen foods, wet cloth and other teething toys.

Baby Chewing on Toy

But one remedy has already been around for centuries and has been commonly used to help treat a teething baby from pain and other inflammation-based conditions such as growing pains, eczema, asthma, indigestion, muscle strains, earaches, colic, arthritis, rheumatism migraines, dental pain and even anxiety.  You might have heard this from your grandparents, this popular and common remedy for a teething baby that a lot of people use is the Natural Baltic Amber Beads.

Natural Baltic Amber Beads are usually crafted into a bracelet/anklet or necklace for babies to wear to fight and soothe the pain from teething by releasing its natural painkiller oil that helps for teething babies. When worn, it releases amber acid (formerly known as succinic acid) that helps heal the pain of the user. It is also used by a lot of people from infants to adults for reducing the inflammation throughout the body. 

Baby Wearing an Amber Necklace

So How Does Amber Bead Necklaces Work?

In order to effectively use the amber necklace and its benefits from amber acid (succinic acid), it must be directly worn on the skin or other areas where the pain is being felt. 

The reason for this is because the skin and the body heats the amber from the necklace or bracelet/anklet then it releases the amber acid oil that is absorbed into the bloodstream to heal the pain. 

Take note that the amount of amber oil transferred to the body depends on the number of ambers that is in contact with the body and the amount of amber acid within the amber beads.


Is it safe for your baby?

The short answer is YES, Amber beads are made naturally and have no added harmful chemicals to it. 

They are also designed to perfectly fit the baby so that is not too tight and not too loose.

However, take note that precautions should also be taken, an infant must not be left unattended when wearing the necklace or bracelet/anklet, always check for any damages on the amber necklace or amber bracelet must be checked if it’s too loose or tight to avoid any choking hazard. 


What do you think?

Natural Baltic Amber Necklaces are really good for helping soothe the pain from a teething baby because of its natural healing contents “amber oil” or “succinic acid”. While it is commonly known for being a remedy for a teething baby, they can also be used as a natural healing product for other ailments, pains, or inflammation.

Have you been using Amber Necklace to treat the pain from your teething baby?


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